Success Story:  Transportation (Reducing Costs while Improving Service Delivery)



A large metropolitan transportation department was facing severe cutbacks in funding, during a period of increasing customer demand for the organization’s services (bus, rail, and communications).  The department was undergoing a leadership transformation and needed to demonstrate fiscal creativity while improving value and maintaining very high service levels.


An assessment was performed to identify opportunities for consolidation of the department’s vast number of assets and locations.  A comprehensive asset inventory was performed across all of the technical areas, as was a risk-and-opportunity assessment.  An asset-modeling tool was developed to help the management team with planning consolidation efforts across the technical and operational areas, while collating efficiencies and cost savings.


The effort enabled the department to make informed choices regarding cost savings, reducing inventory and insurance costs, and improving service delivery, all while mitigating exposure to technical and operational failures.   The improvement roadmap allowed the transition leadership team to demonstrate competency and capability in managing the department, helping to secure their roles. Furthermore, the roadmap helped to drive new improvements for service delivery.