Success Story:  Product Safety (Operationalizing M&A with an Integration Platform)



A mid-sized organization focused on product safety was pursuing growth using a combination of inorganic and organic strategies.  The company acquired a number of organizations over a short period of time, but its integration efforts fell behind schedule, negatively impacting the company’s growth and revenue projections.


A mergers and acquisitions (M&A) framework was developed to align shared services, business assets and key structures (organizational, operational and technical). The multi-pronged approach improved upon the efficiency and effectiveness with regards to the integration of  existing acquisitions; created a combined risk-and-opportunity assessment  to improve the valuation process for potential acquisitions; and addressed ways to mitigate risks throughout the integration process.  In addition, an integration platform was designed and proposed as a centerpiece for the organization to reduce integration cycle time, and to create a scaleable foundation for building data, information and knowledge services for customers (internal and external).


The newly created M&A valuations framework enabled the business leaders to evaluate investments with a greater understanding of value enablers and risks.  The information technology (IT) department was able able to more effectively align its information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) with those of the business (shared service model), while reducing exposure during the on-boarding process for new acquisitions.  The integration platform is currently being evaluated as an accelerator as part of a larger initiative.