Success Story:  Non-Profit (Driving Growth and Operational Effectiveness)



A small congregation was struggling with attrition and growth, which impacted its ability to survive, let alone thrive. Reserves were running down quickly, and the organization needed to transform its operations and culture in short order.


A new board structure was implemented to improve efficiencies in decision-making and focus on programming and growth.  A marketing plan improved visibility, and new programs were created along with combined incentives to drive membership growth. Improved internal and external communications raised awareness about key events and were effective in promoting the organization’s value proposition.  Additional programs are being implemented to address attrition, which (once proven successful) will create a model for other congregations to emulate over time.


The organization’s culture has seen a 180-degree shift. Attrition has stabilized and growth has begun in earnest.  There is much greater awareness in the communities served by the organization; and the congregation is forming partnerships to further extend the value to/from the organization as part of a reciprocal model of value delivery based on collaboration (instead of competition).  The organization is on the verge of purchasing its first permanent building, which will help to accelerate its growth and ensure its long-term viability.