Success Story:  Market Research (Architecting an On-Demand Supply Chain)



A market research company was purchased by a private investor with the goal of tripling revenues within a three- to four-year time frame.  The company had undergone several changes in management and their systems were all developed many years earlier.  Furthermore, the company was struggling to extend its reach beyond the current 50/50 split of the market with its primary competitor(s).


An architecture team was assembled to design an on-demand supply chain platform capable of delivering custom analytics for consumer packaged goods clients (manufacturers and retailers).  The key challenges involved cycle time delivery and complexity of analytics, given an ever increasing amount of data acquired from third-party sources.  Initial proof of concepts were successfully delivered and the initial waves of implementation completed.  A combination of pioneering technology and vendor partnerships addressed the issues of scale, complexity and performance.


The technical capabilities were successfully delivered for the company.  However, additional waves of implementation were put on hold pending further review and development of the product marketing and sales revenue projections to ensure the investment and original business plan would deliver the desired growth.