Success Story:  Government (Addressing Security and Data Quality)



A state government institution was planning on migrating from paper-based operations to online (self-serve) services to reduce costs and improve cycle time for its existing customer base.  In addition, the institution did not have adequate funding to support the operational workload caused by significant growth in the customer base (due to recent changes in regulations, budget challenges and changes to retirement benefits).   A risk assessment was performed by a third party and found significant concerns with data quality and data security, which needed to be addressed before the institution could proceed with the intended change to an online service operation.


A combined solution covering security and data quality was introduced using a holistic framework, as well as the establishment of a data governance structure alongside a security and risk management model.  An initial set of policies were implemented to establish measurement benchmarks combined with an integration platform designed to address gaps in security and data quality.


The initial phase of improvements were realized once the customer data quality issues were addressed.  The next phase addressed issues with location and set the stage for bringing the original online services initiative back on course.