Success Story:  Automotive (Building Enterprise Collaboration)



A large tire manufacturer struggled with a fragmented set of email systems scattered across multiple sites and locations across the world.  In addition, documents and collateral were warehoused in separate repositories, which were not linked or easily accessible.


The solution focussed on three sets of capabilities: messaging, collaboration and data standardization, all of which were tied to a consistent security model.  An enterprise groupware system was implemented in parallel to the existing mail systems with standard names for domains, resources and assets.  The messaging backbone was set up with a fully meshed network that used a staggered replication schedule to reduce traffic and mitigate performance impacts on the network.  The various offices slowly migrated  (in waves) over a series of months to the new system, allowing for performance tuning of the mail hubs as network loads were profiled and peak performance identified.  The documents were migrated after the mail came online for each “wave” so that we could sunset the old equipment and mail systems in a gradual manner.


The client realized a significant increase in document sharing and collaboration.  The coaching and guidance provided to the client helped to transition its document storage off of email and into the shared folders established in the groupware applications.  Over time, the amount of data being replicated for the mail system dropped by 50%, which improved the network’s overall performance.  The client’s offices saw reductions in cycle times across many of its plant locations as workflows were brought online and linked to artifacts stored in consistent repositories.  The workflow queueing and monitoring also helped raise visibility of management’s decision-making cycle time  (across the organization and on several levels).