Our Services:  Value Delivery


Integration used to be confined to systems within an organization. Today, organizations must integrate not only in the traditional sense of mergers and acquisitions, but  are also increasingly reliant on  external systems (i.e. cloud computing, social media and third-party touch-points). Companies need a holistic set of capabilities enabled through an integration platform to compete in highly variable and competitive environments in which change is accelerating (moving faster every year).

To be successful, organizations must be competent in all three areas of integration: absorbing new companies (via mergers and acquisitions), new products and services (via cloud computing), and information (data, information and knowledge).

Clients considering an acquisition, or in the process of an acquisition, engage The Value Enablement Group to assist with multitude of valuation services (identifying risk, value, and opportunity).  We work with clients to improve their ability to maximize the opportunity (achieve multipliers) for a given acquisition, and we assist clients with optimizing their portfolio of acquisitions. Clients often seek our guidance and hands-on assistance in building scalable and adaptable integration capabilities to accelerate the acquisition lifecycle, and create more agility with internal systems, their value chain partners (suppliers, service providers, partners, and logistics), and their  customers.

Our Services Include:


  • Business Continuity Optimization
  • Integration & Interoperability Modeling
  • Operational Excellence
  • Performance Management
  • Process Modeling
  • Project Management
  • Quality Engineering
  • Quality Management
  • Release Management
  • Security & Risk Management