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Value Enablement RoadmapWe guide clients in adopting a more precision-oriented process for capturing, warehousing and measuring value from the perspective of the customer.  Done properly, this eliminates the guesswork on the part of product marketing, reduces the risk of investment, and allows organizations to build sustainable investments in platforms to deliver value to their customers (existing and new).  Measuring value throughout the lifecycle (of products, services and information) allows organizations to consistently and reliably deliver sustainable value to their customers (internal or external). It allows organizations to precisely understand and explain the why to their customers and ensure they deliver the right products and services.  All of the upfront work to measure value ultimately pays off with clear and crisp messaging with which customers will identify during their product selection and when considering price and value.

We bring a unique combination of experience and skills to help our clients enable value for their customers. We first help them Measure Value using a proven methodology and discipline (based on the models developed by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen). We then apply Enterprise Architecture disciplines to help clients Create & Deliver the RIGHT Value for their customers and stakeholders.